Products and applications

Icadry develops and supplies innovative equipment for laboratories, production processes, and reserach institutions..

Our products

Depending on the application we supply standard products. When needed we adapt and modify to customer specification. If the application demands a dedicated piece of equipment we design and build these from scratch to customers specifications.

Icadry has four main product lines:

Drying and sterilization ovens:

Standard equipment: standaard droogovens en sterilisatoren

Inductrial drying ovens: for production laboratories or other demanding applications

Productline Chinook: rapid-dry ovens for drying processes with temperatures from 30 to 70 degree Celsius

Productline Föhn: rapid-dry ovens for drying processes with temperaturs from 70 to 110 degree Celsius

Refrigirators, freezers, and ultra-freezers:

Refrigirators: in different versions to 0 degrees

Freezers: in different versions to -40 degrees

Ultra-freezers: mainly used in biotechnology and pharmacy to freeze to -80 degrees

Incubators and cooled incubators:

Incubators: temperature range 5 degrees above ambient up to 100 degrees

Cooled incubators: temperature range -10 to max 100 degrees

Climatic chambers: to control moisture and temperature of the air.

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Every climatic process is different. Therefore our customers ask for solutions.

At Icadry, therefore, we deliver standard equipment and when needed tailor-made solutions. Naturally, we can fall back on our years of experience and on the products that we have already developed successfully together with our customers. In addition, we look at each project with a fresh perspective: what do you exactly need? In this way we work together to a tailor-made solution.

Where does our equipment bring added value?

  • Laboratories
  • Production processes in which drying processes are needed
  • Research institutes and universities
  • Research & development centers

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