How does it work?

A very dry desert climate is created by condensation, collecting and direct draining of the excess moisture.

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How does it work?

Icadry offers innovative drying cabinets, with which we are at the forefront in the development of drying ovens in the Netherlands and worldwide. The drying cabinets that we offer are also called 'desert cabinets'. By dehumidifying the air in the cabinet, a very dry desert climate is created. We do this by condensing the air, collecting the moisture and immediately discharging it. The air is condensed by passing it along a cold element in the oven.

Condensation & air flows

In addition to condensation, air flows in the Icadry drying ovens also play a major role. The dry, warm air is optimally guided over the products in the drying oven to remove moisture from the products. This moist air is then passed along the condensation element, where the moisture is extracted from the air. Then the whole process repeats itself. This is obviously a continually continuous process.

Contact heating is also used in some cases to speed up the process even more. The plates (or other elements) on which the products are stored are in that case immediately heated to the desired and / or permitted temperature. A pan that stands on the fire is an example of a similar process.


Often, drying processes, rooms, dimensions and capacities are client-specific. This means that most of the times we deliver tailor-made solutions and apply the above-mentioned techniques in a customized way. Together with you, we would like to see how we can optimize your drying process in your situation and with your specifications, preconditions, wishes and requirements.

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