Innovation in climate processes

Icadry offers a broad range of thermostatic equipment such as drying ovens, coolers/freezers/ultrafreezers, incubators and climatic chambers.


Icadry: innovative fast drying ovens

As a producer, supplier and/or developer Icadry can offer a fit to purpose piece of equipment for your application. We supply a broad range of standard equipment and when needed we develop and build tailor made equipment that fit your needs. Our customer are (production) laboratories, production processes, pilot plants and research & development centers.

We have divided our equipment in four main product groups:

(Rapid) Drying ovens

Our drying ovens are used for a lot of applications. For example the drying of samples before further sample preparations such as milling, grinding, crushing and dividing. Sterilization of laboratory glass and product testing like electronic components, building materials are also applications for these units.

The drying process is often a lengthy process and a lot of time can still be gained here. The drying ovens of Icadry ensure a substantial reduction of the drying time. Depending on the application and the product, the drying time can in some cases even be reduced to only 1/3 of the original drying time

Drying ovens and sterilization ovensRapid dry 30 to 70 C, ChinookRapid dry 70 up to 150 C, Fohn

Refrigirators, Freezers and Ultra-freezers

Freezers, refgrigirators and ultra-freezers are used in food, medical, pharma and biotechnology in the industry and laboratory. For exampole storage in Ultra-freezers to -80C or storage of samples, medicines or other goods.

Refrigirators, freezers and ultra-freezers

Incubators and cooled incubators

Incubators are mainly used in microbiology and pharmaseutical, food and biotech laboratories. These units can be fitted with internal shaking tables.

We supply two product groups, incubators with a temperature range of +5  above ambient to +100 degree celcius. and cooled incubators with a temperature range of -10 to +70 or +100 depening on the model.


Climatic chambers

Climatic chambers are used when a combination of temperature and moisture content need to be controlled. For example for growing fungus, micro organisms or insects. Aging tests are another application for these chambers.

Plant growth chambers are fitted with light to simulate the day/night situation. LED panels with different wavelenths are available when needed.

Climatic chambers

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